The Anatomy of Jane (WJM #1)

Hello there, bibliophiles! The week is half way through, and I’m glad to bring you a new book review (ah, poetry). This book is the first in a new series by Amelia LeFay that I simply could NOT put down, therefore, I’m absolutely antsy to bring my thoughts to all of you! I’m talking about The Anatomy of Jane, the debut novel in the WJM series. Let’s get to it, shall we?!

A lot of people might find a book of this subject matter taboo… And I guess due to society perspective, it is in its own way, but there’s something that I really enjoy about a trio dynamic as opposed to a couple. I find it extremely believable and raw how people can feel such intense emotions and connections to more than one partner and make it work as a unit.

Jane is sort of a jack of all trades, but one of the most unlucky girls I’ve met in awhile. An orphan since birth, she works odd jobs non-stop in order to scrape by and survive. It’s when she takes an opportunity as a maid for some of Boston’s most elite that her luck finally begins to change. When she crosses paths with Max and Wes, all bets are off.

Maxwell is a news anchor and wealthy son to one of the most conservative Senate families in the state, so of course, it would be unacceptable (by their standards) to find out he’s had a boyfriend hiding out with him for four years and counting.

Wesley is English and living in America just a floor below Max’s penthouse apartment. He’s also one of the top ten chefs in the country. He’s brazen, respected, and has a reputation in his kitchen like no other. His staff consider it an absolute honor to work under his tutelage.

When Jane catches the two together while she’s still cleaning Maxwell’s apartment, the duo entertain the idea of bringing her into their relationship. There’s something about Jane, a spark, that these two are instantly enthralled by, but the last thing they want is to scare her away.

An unfortunate event occurs just about a month after meeting, and Jane turns up on Max’s doorstep with no place else to go. The men are instantly in alpha-protective mode and decide not to let her out of their sites.

They eventually begin testing the waters and finding a balance, all sorts of feelings come into play, and it makes you believe it’s possible to love more than one person. These three prove how powerful the love of multiple people can become. They’re family. It’s when politics and an outside crowd worm their way into the happy haven, that the three are thoroughly challenged and come to a breaking point.

This story ended on a cliffhanger that shattered my heart to bits, and book two doesn’t come out until December. So, needless to say, I’m livid with myself for devouring the text the way I did, because now I’m stuck in limbo for the next six months. I adore every single one of the main players and can’t wait to see what happens to them in the next installment!!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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